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Seniors DO NOT Buy Dumb Phones They’re NOT Easier Than...

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 6:50 pm    Post subject: Seniors DO NOT Buy Dumb Phones They’re NOT Easier Than... Reply with quote

Seniors DO NOT Buy Dumb Phones They’re NOT Easier Than Smart Phones
By in home, onsite and low cost remote computer, tablet and smart cell phone tutor, trainer, mobile virus removal and repair specialist,
Experienced, dual certified teacher J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. of Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu.
Call or Text 808.224.1870
BEFORE your computer breaks down
To speed up your slow computer and
For help with Windows PCs, Surface tablets or Apple/Mac computers.
Do It Yourselfers download Mr. Kirkham's Ebook

| Safe Computer Backups | | Save Hundreds of Dollars on Computer Repairs with Kirkham’s Healthy Computer E-Kit Flash Drive | | Oahu Only Remote Computer Tutoring, Support and Repair Only $9.95 per month! | | Senior Specialty In Home Computer Lessons and Computer Setup Oahu |

As a former teacher turned in home and onsite computer, tablet and cell phone tutor, trainer and repair expert for senior citizens and small businesses, I see a few of my senior citizen in home computer tutoring students purchase “Senior cell phones" and “Senior computers". DO NOT purchase these!
Let Me Explain Why You Shouldn’t Buy a “Senior Cell Phone"
First let me say the products themselves are good.Tthe concept to make things simpler for new cell phone users is a good one. The screen and text is larger by default since our eyes may not be quite as good as they used to be, BUT these cell phones are severely limited in what they can do.

Now, your thought, as a senior citizen might be,

“Good, I just need to call people and maybe learn to text."

A logical way of thinking. However, that’s about all YOU’LL EVER be able to do on your senior cell phone.
As An In Home Smart Cell Phone Tutor Specializing in Senior Citizens Here on Oahu…
I can tell you from tutoring experience your smart cell phone is fully capable of doing exactly what you want it to with built in ease of use and adjustability. More importantly your smart cell phone has the ability to do more when you are ready for it to do more. Most senior citizens before I begin giving them in home cell phone lessons are fully convinced that all they want to do on their smart cell phone is to make phone calls and answer phone calls. As the seniors become more confident in their cell phone use they ask me to show them more or ask me questions leading to me showing them more uses of their smart cell phone.
Stay Away from Flip Phones
As well as other phones that have real buttons instead of screen buttons. Why? Let’s say you’re new to using a cell phone and the phone rings. You have one button to choose from to answer, not a bunch of “real" buttons to choose. When it’s time to hang up, you have a choice of one button.
But Rick, Smart Cell Phones Have So Many Buttons
I tell my in home senior cell phone lesson students just because there are 20 different buttons doesn’t mean you have to learn to use them all. I’m very hands on when I give cell phone lessons so I have my senior student himself/herself drag all the buttons off the home screen that he/she doesn’t need to learn about until he/she is ready and if there is a need.
The Most Important Reason for Using a Smart Cell Phone Not a Dumb Phone
When the senior cell phone tutoring student is ready to do things such as
Attaching photos to texts
Checking email
Even joining social media
The features are there, available and easy to set up.
About The Author
Experienced, dual certified teacher and in home computer, tablet and cell phone tutor lives in Honolulu Hawaii with his family. He’s been in computers since 1993. Rick received dual teaching certificates from Eastern Illinois University. He currently gives back to the community as a certified substitute teacher.

Call or Text Rick 808.224.1870 to grab one of his few openings left for in home cell phone lessons.
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